Muscletech Nitro-Tech Protein Crunch Chips

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From the biggest name in protein comes a protein chip that will feed your muscles and satisfy your snack cravings. NITRO-TECH® PROTEIN CRUNCH CHIPS are a perfect protein snack for anyone looking for a boost of protein on the go. Every chip delivers premium protein you can feel good about, in a delicious, guilt-free way! In fact, each bag contains 10g of protein. And since it’s from MuscleTech® – the brand with over 20 years of excellence – you know it’s a product you can trust! Try one today!


Our research team works closely with some of the premier flavouring houses in the world, and each flavour NITRO-TECH® PROTEIN CRUNCH CHIPS has been painstakingly tested in internal taste tests. The result? Absolutely amazing-tasting chips that deliver a satisfying crunch combined with the savory flavours you crave!

BBQ (100% VEGAN)

Even when it’s not grilling season, you can enjoy the satisfying seasoned smokiness of your favourite BBQ anywhere with this delicious high-protein chip!


Take a bite, sit back and be transported to the British seaside with this combination of salty, tart and tangy perfection!


These savoury chips deliver 10g of premium quality plant-based protein per bag without using inferior soy proteins. They’re also low in fat with only 0.8g of sugar! With these quality macros, you can add NITRO-TECH® PROTEIN CRUNCH CHIPS to nearly any diet – so whether you’re cutting or bulking, you’ve got a new, delicious way to get the protein you need for results!

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